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Kids Memory Training:


Count: from 1 to 100 (regularly .99¢):


ABCpro (regularly .99¢):


New Tappi Adventures (regularly $2.99):


Elfishki™ Team and The Unwelcome Guest (in 3 Languages) (regularly .99¢):


Manet (regularly .99¢):


Landee Kids: Baby Counting (regularly .99¢):


Math Contenders: “Fractions” (regularly .99¢):


Magic Abacus (regularly .99¢):


Jellytoons Toddler Skills: Bobo’s Birthday Chal… (regularly $1.99):


Effects Video&Photo (regularly .99¢):


Play@Sight (regularly .99¢):


Notedown! (regularly $1.99):!/id558108095?mt=8


iReading HD – Jack and the Beanstalk (regularly $1.99):


Draw Artist (regularly .99¢):

Picture Prompt Timer (regularly $4.99):


Tiny Kitchen (regularly $1.99):


Aqua Math by Tinytapps (regularly .99¢):


Know Your Ride by Tinytapps (regularly .99¢):


Dragon Kids Memory:



PDF PROvider (regularly $6.99):


Listen ‘n Touch (regularly .99¢):


Pick ‘n Paint ORANGE edition (regularly .99¢):


Carl Laser Draw for iPad (regularly .99¢):


Space Trace (regularly .99¢):

Memory Machine HD (regularly $4.99):


Draw with Stars ! Play with Musical, Animated and Glowing Shooting Stars ! (regularly .99¢):!-play-musical/id367460661?ign-mpt=uo%3D6&mt=8


Draw Smart for iPad  (regularly $4.99):


Drawings for Little Girls (regularly .99¢):


Right or Left (regularly .99¢):


Word Machine for iPad (regularly $4.99):

Squeeze Me (regularly .99¢):


Kid Math Easy — Learn Numbers、Addition operation (regularly .99¢):


Learning Animals (regularly .99¢):


Math Bubbles (regularly .99¢):


Homework Stopwatch HD (regularly .99¢):


Fruits and Vegetables by Tinytapps (regularly $1.99):